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Drum Steppr Loses Sync

I am loving Drum Steppr with my OhmRGB and really want to perform with it. It always runs really well at first, but then will "jump" beats here and there and lose sync...Is this common? My guess was that it jumps when my CPU in Ableton gets too high but I'm only around 17% right now. I've tested it with even higher CPU's like 30% and it definitely jumps more then and the LED feedback would even get slow sometimes, but I am really hoping to get it running solid at lower CPU's around 20%

I use an APC also and tried disabling that and that't not the culprite. I'm using live 9 and max 6.

Does anyone have any tips to get DrumSteppr run as smooth as possible and not jump/meander in clock sync? I would also appreciate any other feedback about which sequencers run the steadiest with the OHM as I am open to using other sequencers if they run more solid.



  • I've been messing with this a bit, and I haven't been able to duplicate it.  Is there anything you're doing while the transport is running within the mod that could be causing this?  I've heard of this sort of thing before, but I've never really been able to reliably duplicate the bug, so it's impossible to fix it.....


  • Hey there, thanks for the response. Here is a resample of what it sounds like. The "skips" occur twice, once at 5 second mark and the other at the 25 second mark. steppr skipping beats.wav?dl=0

    Any troubleshooting techniques? I do remember throwing some midi effects in between the DS and the drum rack, which gave me some complaints. Pretty sure I fixed that and that was not related to these skips, however maybe there's some stuff I should be looking out for in the max window in general when using stepprs?

    If would be open to hacking and deleting some of the features like chance, duration, and pitch out of Drum Steppr to get it more stable if you think that would help.


  • edited November 2014

    Hey there, 

    Sorry for the delay.  I get what you're talking about, I just can't reproduce it here.  I might need to see your Ableton project.  I'm definitely interested in figuring this out.

    If you're adding effects while the transport is playing, I could see this sort of thing happening.  The timing circuit in the Steppr is pretty straightforward, so if it's bugging, it's probably something in Max/m4l that isn't working correctly on a software level.   Maybe Splice the project, and I can have a look?

    As far as troubleshooting, try to figure out if there is a particular 3rd party device that is causing the trouble by turning things off in your set until the steppr stops malfunctioning.  

    Where is your CPU at when this happens?  

    There's an option in the options.txt file that allows peak CPU monitoring, I find it immensely helpful:


    Also, make sure no automation is happening....this could cause the problem if automation or remote mappings are assigned to some steppr parameters.

    Let me know if any of this helps!....


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