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Brain jr: to connect an external 8bit controler

Hi everybody,

I would like to know if it's possible to connect an external controler with a 8bit output directly on the brain jr?
The goal behind that is to send a command from the controler to the brain.
For example when I press A button, it send something like 0000 0001 then I program it to be a certain note.
I'm a bit lasy and dont want to open my old electronic book to see how to do a demultiplexer!
Hope you get what I mean with my poor english!
By the way, Im Alex Bleks, new on that forum! Finaly starting with my jr brain bought a year ago.. shame on me!


  • Welcome to the forum!

    I don't know of a solution for this.. I do not think there is a way to achieve this directly with the Brain Jr., but you may be able to with software like MAX, and some hardware to output serial. I'm really not sure.

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