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interest in an alternate remote script for Control R?

I guess this is primarily for Amounra, but it might be of interest to others as well, perhaps even a way to gauge general interest. 

A few things:

1.  Since this is my first post, allow me a thank you first.  Everyone at Livid has been absolutely stellar with production, customer service, etc. Great products with great support.  Thanks to everyone there in Austin.  

2.  When using the remote script, which I do use currently, I find myself wishing I could actually have a selection box of 8 instead of a box of 4, with eq controls and faders across 8 channels instead of 4.  My question is - how difficult would it be or even relevant to the users and/or admin to take those left hand channels and dials and simply replicate them on the right, doing away with the sends, cue and master, in an alternate script?  could be nice to change the grid into a scene changer and grid selector as well, keeping all else the same?  If I could have two pages of the ControlR mapped in this fashion I'm not sure I could want for anything else?  Would an alternate script like this be possible and useful to anyone else?  I"m sure with some more thought there could be some ways to reemploy the device controls to, but I hadn't gotten quite that far.  If there is interest at all, I'll come up with more ideas and draw out a template if someone hasn't already.  (i haven't searched the forums as thoroughly as I could perhaps, so please let me know if I'm treading over well-worn ground.)

3.  Knowing that Amounra is handling a million machines at once with always more in the pipeline, I'm sensitive to the weight of the question even, but I wanted to pose it. Hope that isn't just a giant stressball tossed over the net. I wish I were a programmer at all, let alone having python under my hands, but alas.  I know it's also possible that I could just pay someone to write me a script, but I wanted to start with an approach to the community first to see if there were any thoughts on this. 

Thanks for reading, and again, thanks for great tools and experiences!  All the best, TR


  • I maintain an alternate version of the CNTRLR script (called AumTroll) that does some of what you're after, however it's currently deprecated pending the newest (unreleased) version of the CNTRLR script I'm working on.  I'd say that this conversation is better pursued after we release the next version of the CNTRLR script (which shouldn't be long now), and I'm able to update my own personal work to take advantage of the new functionality we'll be presenting with the upcoming script.  

    FWIW, there are numerous problems with adopting an 8 channel mixer when there's only a 4-channel session grid, and this is why we implemented things in the manner we did with the CNTRLR script.  That won't be changing for the official script, but with the upcoming version there will be numerous changes to the code that should make for a little friendlier editing.


  • digifiddler, I can't help with scripting, but I might be able to give suggestions for the layout/workflow of your setup. Could you post a screenshot?

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