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Guitar Wing Remapper

edited September 2014 in Hardware

Hey everyone!  I know we're all waiting on the official Guitar Wing Editor, but in the meantime, I've come up with a super easy remapping tool. It's built in Max, and it intercepts the messages from the Guitar Wing, changes them as you see fit, and sends out new MIDI messages that you can send to your DAW, Virtual Instrument, or external MIDI device.  

Mac users: You can use the Mac's IAC (Inter Application Communication) bus:

Go to Applications>Utilities>Audio MIDI Setup
If the MIDI window doesn't show, click Window>Show MIDI Window
Find the box that says "IAC Driver" and double-click on it
Check the box that says "Device is online"
Add one or more buses in the "Ports" section of the window (bottom left)
In the Guitar Wing Remapper, choose one of these IAC ports as your output bus.
In your DAW, Virtual Instrument, or other MIDI device, set its input to receive from that IAC port.

Windows users, the process is similar, but you'll need an extra application, as Windows does not have a built-in IAC bus:

You need to set up a virtual MIDI bus on your computer.  loopMIDI works perfectly, but you can use a virtual MIDI bus program of your choosing.  For the sake of simplicity, I'm assuming you're going to use loopMIDI.
Open loopMIDI and create a virtual MIDI bus.  You'll need to keep loopMIDI open while using the Guitar Wing Remapper.
In the Guitar Wing Remapper, choose your newly created virtual MIDI bus as your output bus.
In your DAW, Virtual Instrument, or other MIDI device, set its input to receive from that virtual MIDI bus.

***If that output bus doesn't appear in the Guitar Wing Remapper, try the following:
In the Guitar Wing Remapper, go to File>MIDI Setup…
A window will open up listing all of your available MIDI devices.  Check the checkbox next to your virtual MIDI bus if it's not checked.  Close that window.
Quit the Guitar Wing Remapper, reopen it.  That virtual MIDI bus should now show up as an output bus.

Mac OS X:


  • Can't save ---> Useless....

  • Thanks for that! :)

    I've found this to be very useful for experimenting and playing with the Guitar Wing. It makes it easy to map controls and build up a set based on settings that you will soon be able to save on the Wing.

  • anyone know when we can expect the editor? I recently got the guitar wing and assumed that this would have already been released...

  • The save function should be great if we have to wait one month more.

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