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  • After I map them. On startup nothing

  • Thanks for the quick firmware update!

    I will download and try it later today....
    I do have a different question about the Max sends devices:
    I have a Drum Rack loaded...It seems that I can put either the MIDI or Audio Max device and it works the same in both cases...
    So my question is how do the Max4Live (MIDI vs Audio) function differently?
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    Are the other features of the script working?  Does it light buttons, can you change track volumes with it's faders?

    There is an issue that I am having...It has occurred many times:
    I am using Mac OSX Mavericks/Ableton 9.1.5
    2 separate but related issues...both involving the endless/push button encoders:
    1) Pushing down and turning the knobs do not seem to make the encoders go at finer remains the same pushed or un-pushed
    2)This one is annoying...It has happened often. As the script states; the 3 endless encoders will control MACROS 6, 7 & 8; it works. However, it often (for no particular reason) go into a toggle like mode instead of intervals. Meaning that it is either full ON, or full OFF. I then restart LIVE and it will work fine as intended. Then for no apparent reason it will happen again. Any ideas?

  • @LoganEdwards:  I suspect you are doing something fundamentally wrong, or perhaps you are using an outdated version of Live?  If you can send me your log.txt I can probably make heads or tails of it, here's some info on where to find it:

    @PremEyE:  I can confirm #2, and I think it's the same issue as #1 at it's root.  I'm not sure if it's the script causing this or a firmware problem, but I'll get it sorted and get back to you.  Thanks for reporting :)


  • Will do once I get home, but I do believe I have the most current version of 9, my BaseII script works

  • Will do once I get home, but I do believe I have the most current version of live 9, my BaseII script works

  • Ok, I'm confused said that if you mapped the controls manually, then they worked, but if you started Live, nothing happened so my assumption is that the script isn't working.  Either way, a log.txt will show me what your setup is, so it's still useful.


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    Yeah that is what I was saying haha, sorry for the confusion. I was mainly trying to ask how would one map the encoder to change tracks.

    Edit: @amounra Sent you the log.txt
  • @amounra did you find anything?

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    hello hello, this thread seems to be be devoted to software and integration issues, but I suspect my problem may be hardware based. I am attempting to use the Ds1 one with the livid master fader, as the jacks are incompatible size i'm using an aux cable and a 1/8th-1/4inch adaptor to connect them, but inserting the plug or actually manipulating the fader will cause all the led's to short out and the power-on light sequence to run again. I'm thinking that this issue is due to the fact that i'm not using the the 9v adapter(advertised for optional LED Brightness). Any thoughts? thanks!

  • You do not need the power supply to use the aux analog in. Are you sure that your adapter is a TRS 1/4" to 1/8th"? If it is a TRS the connector will be split into three sections, tip, ring, and sleeve.

  • Hi Mark thanks very much, that was my exact problem. Unfortunately, now that Ableton is receiving the midi message from the input, I am unable to use Live9's midi map mode to map the crossfader, any suggestions?

  • Do you have track and remote enabled for the DS1 controls input?

  • ah, should've known. I disabled em when I was trying to get the preliminary script working and never toggled em. thanks again!

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