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OhmModes Scrolling Issue in Live 9

edited September 2014 in Hardware

I work with sets that have many tracks, and I have been experiencing an issue with OhmModes and Live Session View where after about Track 20 or so, when I scroll more to the right, Live automatically takes the view back to track 1. I'll realign the view to the location of the OhmModes box only to have Live take the view back to track 1 when I scroll again with the OhmRGB. It's maddening!

I've tried closing and restarting the software several times with no luck. Has anyone else had this problem? I can't tell if it's an issue with OhmModes or a bug in Ableton Live 9. Would appreciate any input.

I'm running the newest versions of Mac OSX and Live 9 + OhmModes.




  • Has anyone else seen this issue? Just wondering if it could be a bug in Live or OhmModes. Thanks!

  • Just saw this.....I haven't experienced this in any of our scripts lately, but it does sound "familiar".  I can't recall right now exactly what the cause was, but it wasn't a bug in the script, it was something else like a MIDI-Learned control that was assigned to a Device-header or something.  I'll give it some thought and see if I can reproduce it.


  • Thanks, Amounra! It only happens when I'm working with many tracks in a set (probably like 30+ or so). Thanks for looking into it.

  • Hi Amounra,

    Did you ever come across this issue at all? I am still having this problem with my sets. Perhaps I can do some testing myself as well to see if I can figure out anything.



  • Sorry for the delayed response, I've been on vacation for a while.  

     I haven't been able to reproduce your issue, but we did update the OhmModes script....I'm not sure if you were using the beta, but either way you might want to try the new version contained in our installer and let me know if you're still having this problem.


  • Hi Amounra,

    Great, I will give that a try. Thanks a lot!


  • Hi @Amounra,

    I have still been having this problem, and I think I may have just noticed what is causing it. The script scrolls perfectly to the right until I encounter a closed Group track, after which the view reverts to several track back (though the red scroll stays in the same place). So anytime I scroll over a closed Group track it seems that the scroll is getting tripped up. This is really making me lose track of my place in the set. Strangely, when a Group track is open (showing all of the grouped tracks), the issue does not happen, and the view/scroll moves along perfectly. Any thoughts on this?

    Thank you!
  • I'll check this out asap, get back to you tomorrow....

  • Sorry for the delay, been working a festival for several days.  I'll be home tonight and able to check this out for you.


  • Hey cmhix, 

    I just spent a few minutes working on this, and I'm still unable to reproduce the problem you're reporting....I tried it with both of our current OhmModes scripts.  

    If you send me a couple of things, I'll look at the and see if I can come up with a solution.  I'll need a copy of the live set that you're using when this happens and the log.txt file from your Ableton preferences.  I'll PM you my email address so you can send them to me directly.  I don't need any of the audio files or devices from your set, just the .als file.

    I know this sort of thing can be really frustrating, but stick with me and I'm sure we can get to the bottom of this problem.


  • Hi @Amounra,

    Thanks a lot for your help with this! I appreciate it. Curious to see what might be going on.

    I will send you an email with the files you need. Thanks again.

  • Ok, I looked at your project and I think I understand what you're talking about.  

    I had originally assumed that you meant the "selected track" was being manipulated by the script, but in fact what I see happening is just the GUI is realigned arbitrarily when you scroll left or right with the session box.  Is that what you're talking about?

    I have never noticed this before, but I tried your project with Push and it does the same thing.....


  • Hi @Amounra,

    Thanks for checking this out. Yes, this is exactly what I meant to explain. The GUI realigns arbitrarily, and it seems to be getting tripped up by the group tracks. 

    Ahh... so it does it with Push also. Wow. Kind of annoying when you're working with a set containing lots of tracks.

    Interestingly, I just discovered a few days ago that if I go through the set and simply open & close each of the group tracks once, strangely the problem with the GUI goes away. Guess I will just do this odd trick going forward. Thanks for looking into this.
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