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LividLive9.12RemoteScripts, CNTRL:R firmware 111, Ableton 9.12, Windows XP...

edited September 2014 in Software Discussion

Hi, I have the CNTRL: R for 1 year and a half ago, I have never had any problems ... I use Traktor and use in Ableton Live 8 with remote scripts (MacBook Pro), the problem is now I want to use it on Windows XP Ableton Live 9.12 ... I've tried all the scripts of the page for Windows and CNTRL: R and the controller does nothing, and nothing appears in Ableton ... Control surface, input, output, is ok...

Although I have followed all the steps in the manual page, I hope you can help me and try something that works.

I want to use CNTRL: R to help me in my productions !!

Thanks and greetings Emi.



  • You'll need to update Live to version 9.13 or newer.  It's necessary for us to stay current as much as possible with Live 9, as they continually change things in their control script Framework and this requires us to update our scripts.

  • Thanks Amounra for answering quickly, update to version !

    thanks for the info ;)

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