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How to select CC instead of note in Ableton with Guitar Wing

edited September 2014 in Software Discussion

Hello, it isn't easy to select CC on the 3 sliders touch of the Guitar Wing with Ableton. I must do then erase again and again before I finally can select CC whatever a user midi map or remote script is being used. And with Line 6 Pod Farm2 it´s completely impossible !!! on stand alone version or within plug in. Anyway, with PodFarm2 the Note are not in toggle form so you have to keep the button pressed !!!



  • Soon there will be an editor to allow you set the pads to toggle and to only send CC messages! We are working hard to release this editor and firmware. In the mean time, if you have a computer in your system, you can use a freeware called MIDI Pipe to filter out the note messages and toggle the cc message.

  • Mark do you think it wil bel release before 14? I have a show and i would use Gwing. For now i use Midi pipe but it need to start before Ableton. Another thing is when you shut down the Gwing,  when you power up again, sometime (near from all the time) it will not be detected, i need to unplug and replug the usb stick on MacOs to have it back again, is it a bug or normal ? 

  • Whilst assigning a control - If you hold down any other button on the wing first, then press on your desired fader/pad, the cc# will register on Ableton rather than its associated note (make sure you let go of the control you wanted last, and give it a quick wiggle before you do just to be sure).

    Works every time
  • That is normal. You have to power cycle both devices between connections.

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