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Base and "User Modes" in Live 9.1 (and general newbie questions)

edited August 2014 in Hardware

I really love the feel of the Base I just got, but am confused by the mapping and banks (in the editor).

In Ableton 9.1, there are User Modes 1-4... What are these exactly? Coded in Live script, or a preset (bank?) on the Base Hardware to edit separate? How can I further customize these separate user modes? (Script or online livid editor correspondance?)

Wondering generally, why do elements send both cc messages and note messages? (Sliders?) Seems like traffic to me. In Ableton, it seems the Base must be on Bank 1. Could I take out some "redundant" assignments retaining full function? How does this work? (and OSC messages enabled? I'm lost. Is there a reference available?)

Or do the presets have cc and note so that all mode types work inside ableton? The remote scripts are still quite obscure. Due to my setup it would be best if the launch page was shifted by default. Any quick ideas?

Am I better off digging/editing scripts, or messing in M4L for maximum control? (Need to reinstall broken M4L...)

Also, been looking about mapping to transport, loop/transport position maybe even having touch strips as VU meters... Can someone give me a quick break down of how this unit connects and communicates with ableton at a raw level? (Not sure about protocols, and live scripting...)



  • There's no correspondence between the UserMode banks in the Live script and the editor's just coincidental.  The UserModes in the script just remap the translation of the controls to different MIDI Channels so that you can UserLearn them in Live on four different layers.

    The ability of the sliders to send note messages is a "feature", it can be turned off either using the editor (I think?) or by sending the appropriate sysex message to the controller.  There is a reference for this sort of thing in the wiki:

    The script changes several settings on initialization and when changing modes so that it can address Live in the correct manner depending on the needs of the situation.  There's not an easy way to edit this stuff unless you have some grounding in Python and want to get your hands dirty, unfortunately.  Ableton's Python API isn't public, so it requires a lot of trial and error.

    There is a beta version of the script we're preparing for release in my repository for Monomodular here:

    You're welcome to try it out, and if you're planning on doing any editing to the script I highly recommend using the beta, as any work you do to the old script isn't going to be forward compatible with Live updates.

    Hope this helps....if you have specific questions about how the script works I can probably help you out, but unfortunately (as I mentioned above) this stuff isn't "easy", so general questions are hard to answer as far as Python functionality goes.  The newer script is probably more easily cusotmizable with m4l unless you already have some Python chops.


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