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I have a CNTRL:R and I need some help

edited August 2014 in Hardware

hey! it's my first post here so, if I write something in the wrong section or whatever, i'm sorry!

ok now lets go back to the subject, I've bought a cnrtl:r and I really find it difficult to me to configure it, it didn't came with a manual, i think that what i need is like a very basic introduction, because i've checked the forum and i see a lot of discussion about "python" "encoders" and stuff like that and i really got lost. i'm trying to configure my cntrl:r to start playing live, i'm using Live 9.1.2 and i can't find the remote script for live 9, i dont know why i plug in the cntrlr and nothing happens, when i do the same with live 8, all the colours of the controller turns on, something that is not happening with live 9. I really want to use this controller with all its potential, and not just map every knob as it was a "normal" controller (knowing what cntrlr is capable to do)

well i hope i was clear, and if anyone needs more info on what i need let me know,
thanks a lot


  • Hi,

    I would like to help you out in any way I can, since I have a CNTRL:R and I am very familiar with it. Can you tell me what you want to do and what you need exactly?

  • do u have facebook or something? maybe we can talk better there so u can help me! thanks a lot 

  • You can email me personally on

    Sorry if I reply late, there is a lot of busy times on this side.
  • i posted this link, but it seems something went wrong... anyways, in this link there is all the information you need to begin:

  • Here is the remote script installer for Ableton 9.1.2:

    Download  9.1.2 scripts > Mac
    Download  9.1.2 scripts > Windows

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