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LEDs not responding for columns 5 and above but "Turn on all LEDs" command turns all LEDS on

edited August 2014 in Hardware

I am able to turn all LEDs on using the Brain V2 configurator, but when I try to turn LEDs on individually, those connected to column 1-4 work, but those connected to columns 5 and above don't respond.  

I also try turning on all LEDs using the configurator utility that sends all CCs sequentially and the utility that sends all Notes sequentially (I send CCs with value 127 and Notes with Velocity 127), but those "serviced" by Column 5 and above don't respond.
Can anyone shed light on this?


  • it. I don't know exactly what I did wrong. It must have had something to do with the mapping to notes vs cc's. I thought I was covering all the bases by sending all cc messages sequentially (didn't work) and then all note messages sequentially (also didn't work). Then the next day, somehow things seemed to work. There's no arguing with success, but I wish I understood what I did differently.

  • Its hard to say what could have been causing the problem.. Did you do a factory reset to default settings to fix it?

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