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Code buttons behaving weird - toggling on and off when holding press

edited July 2014 in Hardware


I haven't used my Code in a long while but pulled it out today. I updated to the latest firmware and everything, but when I press the buttons (in toggle mode), they tend to go on and off depending on how I press the button. If I press it quickly and forcefully, it usually just toggles once. But especially when I press lightly or on the corners, it blinks on and off a few times.

Is this a hardware defect or something I can fix myself?



  • You may try this firmware which has a reduce scan speed for those buttons. The rubber pad is physically touching the board 2 times when you see a double trigger. This can be caused by misaligned or old rubber buttons. Hopefully this firmware will make it much easier to consistently get single presses!
    (you may need to right-click and save as)


  • Firmware didn't help unfortunately, but the encoder toggles work fine, so I can just use them for all my toggling needs. Thanks for your quick feedback!

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