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Base faders won't change color in traktor

edited July 2014 in Hardware

i can't seem to map out any of the midi out to any of the led touch faders on my base. Im able to just fine on all the pads and touch buttons but when i try to on the faders nothing happens. When i try to map midi out to my faders in traktor i hit learn and it picks up the midi cc just fine but when i go to change the color of the less nothing happens it just stays on what ever color i have it set to in the online editor any ideas?


  • The color is set using specific MIDI messages sent on ch. 16 (or using the editor). The faders do not respond to the Livid standard velocity to color mapping, instead they show a position in relation to velocity.

    You want to change the color on the fly with Tracktor?

  • I want to map led midi out feedback for the dry wet of the effects unit but i want to change the color of the LEDs of the fader. So how do I know what notes each fader sends out in channel 16?

  • problem solved thanks a lot!

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