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Edit midi messages on Guitar Wing?

edited July 2014 in Hardware

I thought it would be possible to customize the midi messages sent by Guitar Wing. Did I hallucinate that there would be an editor available, or have I missed it?



  • There will be an editor available! We are still working on it.

    In the meantime, what are you trying to do? We may be able to make it work with software.

  • I'm wanting to incorporate the GW into a midi guitar set up with the Fishman Triple Play, and all the note on/off messages trigger soft synths I don't want. I'll probably wait for the editor rather than do a bunch of midi note  blocking schemes. My set up is confusing me as it is! BTW, if you want some beta testing help on the editor, I was a product manager at Line 6 for a while, and would be happy to help...

  • Thanks for the offer! I'll reach out if we need beta testers in the future.

    There is a program called MIDI pipe that could filter out note messages easy enough. Can't wait to see what you're doing with the Triple Play + Wing!

  • Cool, I actually want to use the guitar wing to control my POD HD500. However, the midi messages that the POD expects don't line up with Wing defaults. Need the editor!

    Livid: can you please put "coming soon" placeholder text on your website for the missing applications, so we don't go crazy thinking we've missed something?

  • Where is there a reference to the editor? Or applications that are missing? We will happily take care of it!

  • There is a reference to it on page 10 of the Quick Start Guide. 

  • +1 on getting that editor out as soon as possible! I'm not finding midi pipe particularly easy to use- still struggling with it. thanks!

  • edited July 2014

    +1 for the editor.

    Three related requests:

    1) Would it be possible to have it so that the guitarwing sends midi messages when pushed, but only changes lights when it receives midi-in messages?

    2) Can a map of the MIDI-IN -> LED be provided? (I've reverse engineered most of it, but just want to make sure I'm not missing anything (e.g. LED color on sliders)

    3) When sending midi to the guitarwing to control LEDs, the leds fail to update around 50% of the time. Any suggestions on how to improve this percentage? Anything to put in the editor that might improve it?

    (I'm currently working on a python api for more complex LED control)

  • Update:

    I did a bit more work and found that problem #3 is from trying to send too many MIDI messages to the guitarwing at once and it overloads the bluetooth connection. The sweet spot seems to be 25ms, where if I put a 25ms delay between each CC it doesn't miss any messages. At 20ms it misses around 1 in 6. 

    So, looking forward to the editor, and if there's any way to disable the built-in LED behavior and get a map of the MIDI -> LED that would be super! Thanks for the cool product.
  • Hi Moon,

    Thanks for the great answers to my questions. I'm looking forward to the next update :).

    Following up on #3) I have noticed that every once in a while, if I send too many messages too quickly, it will actually cause buttons on the guitarwing to 'Hang' and not respond at all to MIDI input until I turn it off and on again. The button still sends messages and updates it's lights according to the internal firmware settings, but no longer responds to messages, even if sent very slowly. Not sure if this is something to look into.

    As far as the python api, I've looked into PortMidi, but it seemed to be no longer maintained (except inside pyGame). I've actually just been using pyOSC. my setup is:


    Where I have a single M4L device that routes and converts OSC into MIDI. A bit of a hack to be sure, but it works for me if you have all those other programs. I'd like to make it more contained in the future perhaps, or at least more shareable, so I'm glad to hear portmidi is working for you.

    Let's see how good I can get things working on the next firmware, and I'd be happy to share what I've got.
  • Unfortunately, I missed the Kickstarter promotions and am still waiting for my Guitar Wing.  But after going over the information about what gets sent out from the GW, I already have a fairly simple remapping/banking structure set up in Bome's Midi Translator.  It should allow me to remap any controller for any need (I will be controlling both Ableton loops and POD HD Pro settings), as well as giving me banking control from whatever Program Change source I want to use.  It also allows me an easy way to keep some buttons global while allowing others to be used as part of the banking control.

    Won't be tested until I get my GW, but the process is similar to how I use Bome for other MIDI controllers.

    I'll follow up once I get my GW, but Bome is the perfect fit for this until Livid has an editor - and I think they've stated it won't support banking out of the gate.
  • Hello Mark,

    Just want to let you know that there is another new Guitar Wing user who is waiting for the editor to modify MIDI messages to send.. :-) btw, is it possible to make your online editor to support Guitar Wing as well?
  • Hi Kaitbri,

    While we wait for the Guitar Wing editor, this may help you!

    An intern here made this max patch app to filter/remap the Wing's MIDI messages. There is not currently a way to save, but its very useful if you're trying to build a set around the capabilities that the editor will bring!

  • Cool but useless without saving . I have a bug on my device, when  use xyz sensor the device send A3(45) CC to midi output (saw with midi pipe debug Alist) It's not all the time but very anoying cause i use this CC in the last rectangular button (cc 45) to launch a scene. If i dont use sensor i have no problem with, button 45 is workin too. But when i put this sensor on it launch randomnly this CC. I tried to change CC on this button via the midipipe but it reproduce the same error and launch that same CC, is there any bug with the CC45 button and the sensor ?

  • Strange, I have not heard of this issue before. Can you please fill out a support ticket here:

  • The download for the temporary editor is not available anymore Mark.

    Even though, when it was I noticed it was mac only. Is there a new version, maybe for windows too?

  • Hi I know this is an old thread but I'm trying to get GW to work with Fishman Triple play as well but not having much success.  I can use the Wing FX program and except for the autochop it works with ASIO4all but not ASIOPODXT for my Line6 pedal.  Also I can get the GW VST to appear in the guitar section of Triple play but then the MIDI codes don't appear to do what is expected. I'm trying to get CC60 to toggle on the pedal section. I've used the latest editor 1.34 to change the code and can see that it is sending it but Triple play is not receiving. Any suggestions?

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