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9.13 script install problem


Anyone else out there having trouble installing the script?  When I follow the instructions it doesn't list the controllers in my preferences.



  • @ avoidancepolicy

    I had the same thing yesterday, it seems that the scripts will be installed, but they are installed as hidden files. I had to show the hidden files and then remove them and install my own working script again. I am using the scripts from the mono modular github now and installed them manually.

    I don't know what the problem is, but I have also made a notification of this. Hopefully they will take care of this soon.
  • We'll get new ones out asap.....I also missed a call in the Debug module that causes the scripts to not load in Windows.   Sorry!  Too much to do ;)

    I'll have new scripts up tonight at the Monomodular repository, you can either install manually or wait for a fix when Peter's able to create a new installer.

    @avoidancepolicy, what OS are you using?

    Thanks for the reports!


  • Having the same issue :(

  • Thanks for your great work on these scripts again.  Also, for being so responsive.  I am Running OSX 10.9.3.

  • I can confirm (superficially) that scripts are working in osx 10.9.3 + AL 9.13.

  • @ Aleytx: Did you install them with the livid installer?

  • Nop, copy&paste from Amounra Github

  • I should also note that I am specifically talking about the BASE.  That being said, none of the livid controllers even come up as an option.

  • edited July 2014
    There were two problems, both are fixed on my github.  

    There's a new installer available for OSX. The old installer was apparently a problem with the installer that is copying all the files in Mavericks with an invisible they are there, where they're supposed to be, but they aren't visible to Live.  I'm not sure if simply running the new installer will overwrite them, but if not ry this:

    Open up a terminal window.  If your Live application is in the default location, you can copy and past this, then hit enter:

    cd /Applications/Ableton\ Live\ 9\\ Remote\ Scripts 

    If not, you'll have to navigate to it manually.  Next, do these two:

    rm -r Livid*

    rm -r _Mono*

    That will get rid of the hidden files.  You can download the installer again and it should do everything correctly the next time you run it (we updated it).  Very sorry about the trouble!

    If you're on Windows, the problem was simply an illegal import statement in one of the files, and it's also fixed in my repository.  Unfortunately you'll have to either copy the files manually from my github repository, or wait until we can make a new installer....Peter is doing that and is "out of the office" right now, so I'm not sure on an ETA, but I know he's aware and is working on it.

    Sorry for all the trouble!


    edit::   my repository is here:

  • Mac installer fixed - sorry about that. We still have some kinks to work out for windows, apparently. Thanks for your patience!


  • btw, this one deletes previous installs, then installs the new ones. THere is also an updated windows installer. http//

  • It's working!  Thanks!  

  • BASE will not switch modes now. 

  • @amounra: Did you implement the option to midi map faders and knobs when switching mods? I saw something new in the script, but it doesn't seem to work, since they are still working as in the previous scripts. I have made some changes to the script I use personally, but I just wanted to make you aware of this.

    I am not  a programmer, but I have used the instructions in the post where this is discussed.
  • @avoidancepolicy:  My copy is working fine.  Can you send me a copy of your log.txt from Live's preferences after this happens?

    @mikebosch:  There are two flags in the file:


    DIAL_BANKING = False

    If you change those two flags to "True", banking for the Faders and Dials work.  Otherwise, things work as they did in the previous script.  

  • Hi

    CNTRL R on Mac does not work (((

    Please help)) Fri and Sat - next tour dates

  • Hi Guys, I have used the new installer for Mac OSX (which has been updated), download the new installer and you should be good to go. If it doesn't work, and if you used the previous installer then you should open terminal and show your hidden files, because the previous installer installed the remote scripts as hidden files. As soon as you showed the hidden files, go to your applications and click on show package contents and go to your midi remote script folder. If there are hidden remote scripts in that folder then just delete these. Now download the new remote script installer from the Livid website and install the new scripts.

    Everything should now work.

    For information how to show and hide hidden files there is a link here:

    I recommend to use the 'Show/Hide Hidden Files the Long Way' Method described in the link.

    I hope this helps you.
  • did it

    no effect

    traktor script and ableton 8 works fine
  • @Amounra: It seems that everything is working fine on my Mac, but there still are some users that have problems, I have spoken to two of them already that could not get the CNTRL:R to work at all in Ableton, do you know what might cause this problem, because I have gone through every single thing I could think of with them, but it just doesn't seem to work for them. Sorry if you think I am putting my nose too much into things, but I'm just trying to help my fellow DJ's and producers to get them toy enjoy their CNTRL:R just as much as me.

  • edited July 2014

    @mikebosch:  No, not at all!  Thanks for the help :)

    I need to see log.txt files and know the platform/os version for the broken installs....that will tell me where the problem lies.  

    @ madruss: can you send me your log.txt file please?  Here's info about where it is:

    I've sent you a private message with my email so you can send it direct.


    edit::  Okay, I can confirm there are still some missing files in the Mac installer.  The versions on my repository should be working, just make sure you pull the "_Mono_Framework" folder from "Python Scripts" and put it in your Midi Remote Scripts folder along with the rest of the files.  We'll have it fixed asap for the installer, and again I'm sorry about all the trouble.  I'm still trying to get a 9.13 version setup  on Windows to check that out, so please let me know if any Windows users are still having problems.
  • @Amounra,

    Does it mean that I also have to reinstall it? It is strange, because it is working on my Mac and I haven't had any problem. Maybe could it be because I already had the Monomodular scripts in the remote script folder?
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