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Code Lights Problem

edited June 2014 in Hardware

A very strange thing happened with my Code device. The other day I was using it without any issues, and when I was done with it I unplugged it from the USB port on my computer as usual. The next day when I plugged it in again something strange happened. The light rings on vertical rows with knobs 3,4,7,8 were all fully but weakly illuminated. The light rings that are illuminated wont turn off, and the ones that are off wont come on. When I try map the device in Code Editor, all buttons, knobs, etc are still giving off a signal and working, just not lighting up. Has anybody had anything like this happen before? Any advise on how to resolve this issue would be greatly appreciated!



  • You may want to try reflashing the firmware onto your code:

    Update Firmware

  • Thanks for the idea Mark, ill give it a try and share how it went

  • I ran the firmware update but nothing changed. Any other ideas as to why it might be doing this / solutions to the problem? If not I guess I will have to send it in for repair

  • Please fill out a support ticket here, so we can process this as an RMA. We will have it fixed up in no time!

  • hi I'm having a similar problem and i was wondering if you guys found a solution to this?

  • I have already  done that.

    is not exactly the same, but is something as well related to the light don't behaiving  properly.
    but I have another problem i don't know the ticket number, I never got an email with the number and now i can't watch the status. ( any way to know it just with my email account?)
  • thanks for your answer Moon

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