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Accent Max device - velocity settting bug

edited June 2014 in Software Discussion

The last four buttons of the top row (velocity settings) of the Accent sequencer aren't working correctly.

Using the 0 based counting as they're referred to in the Javascript code, it's buttons 12 13 14 15

13 and 15 on the top row turn the same color blue as the leading note of each bottom row group of 4 buttons

12 and 14 briefly flash when pressed in the right color but turn off immediately

The LCD colors are changed to show the correct state of the sequencer when other buttons are pressed, such as the 4x4 matrix, changing the preset, changing back, exiting and re-entering the mod, etc

I took a look at the Max device to see what's going on and was focusing on simple_binary.js and when and and how refresh_keys() gets called but didn't see anything obvious.

My CNTRLR is the silver-shaft revision, running firmware v111, Live version is 9.1.2 64-bit/Max 6.1 on Windows 7.




  • Hey Adamm, 

    I'll have a look at this tonight and get back to you!


  • I enabled debugging in the javascript and added a few post() to watch the output and while I wouldn't rule the js out entirely since I don't know that much about max, I'm leaning more towards there being something going on at the python layer.

    I think the comments that reference the upper and lower row of 16 buttons were backwards.

    Overall I am really impressed with the software. Nice work!

  • I'm looking at this and indeed there is a problem with the Python's not releasing the controls from the main layer.  I'll have to dig up the old version and find the offending lines....can you PM me your email address, and I'll send you a version to check out when I get it done?

    Thanks for the kudos :)  I'm actually porting accent over to monomodular b996 right now, so soon it will be current and capable of working on our other controllers as well.



  • This is fixed in the upcoming version....sorry for the trouble.  It's actually a problem with the CNTRLR script itself.  Not sure how that bug survived for so long in the wild :(

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