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Basic MIDI Floor Controller with the Brain Jr.

edited June 2014 in Hardware

I want to build a fairly simple MIDI floor controller to use with my Fractal Audio Axe FX II guitar processor. From reading on the website it appears the Brain Jr would satisfy my needs. I attempted this project using the Highly Liquid MIDI CPU, but due to limited support, manual programming and direct soldering to the PCB I have been unsuccessful and am looking for other options.  Below is my list of functions needed. Can someone confirm that the Brain Jr and config software will fit my needs?

-8 to 9 push button mechanical momentary switches that send MIDI PC messages for selecting patches/presets. Each button will have an associated LED that will remain lit until a different PC button is pushed. This will show which button was last selected corresponding to which preset/patch is active.

-1 to 2 push button mechanical momentary switches that send MIDI CC Toggle messages for selecting instant actions (example reverb on or off). Each button will have an associated LED that will remain lit after pressing to show selected instant action is active or not.

- 1 5-pin MIDI Out connector for sending MIDI messages to Axe FX. As common with many guitar processor MIDI controllers I want to provide power to the Brain Jr from the Axe FX.  The Axe FX II provides phantom power (DC 9.6v, 200 mA) via the MIDI out connector on pins 1/3). I could power via USB if a must, but definitely have to have the 5-pin
MIDI Out to send messages to the Axe FX II.

- If the Brain Jr is configured via the USB connection I don't think I need a MIDI In connector.

- Configuration software that will allows me to easily change PC and CC Toggle values and make future re-assignments of buttons from PC to CC toggle functionality or vise versa.

Has anyone used the Omni Pin Headers sold on the website? If so, just want to confirm those are solder connections on the back side of the headers?

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