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Changing Bank / Remote Script issues with custom controller.

edited May 2014 in Software Discussion

I have basically built the top half of a block (32 Led buttons) Problem is I cannot move the remote script (red box) in ableton, I am using a wii remote which has buttons I can use easily to control anything within ableton.

I was wondering whether it would be possible to move the red box with this but it seems that would involve changing / re-writing the script which is very tricky, even impossible. 
I have also tried sending midi information to the controller much like this tutorial
but to no avail. 
Anybody got any ideas how I can get the same buttons to send different information and to be able to control it in ableton??


  • What are you using to convert the wii remote signals to midi?

  • What remote script are you using?

  • I'm using osculator to convert the wii remote, and I downloaded the block remote script for live 9.1.

  • I opened the remote script in a text editor and referenced the default midi mapping for the Block, and I think that it goes like so:

    Up: note 71
    Down: note 68
    Left: note 66
    Right: note 67

    Those are the note commands to move around the session. Try mapping the wii remote controls to send these notes.

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