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Can't install Ohm RGB script for Ableton Live 9. Any idea ?

edited May 2014 in Hardware


I'm new to this forum but I use my Ohm rgb for 2 years now.

I tried to install the Ohm script for Ableton Live 9 but I can't figure how to do it. I use Windows 7.
I've updated the firmware, checked the version of the RGB Editor, installed the Live 9 remote scripts, the OmhModes with and without M4L stepsequencer, installed them in the Live 9 midi remote scripts folder and then in the Live 9.1.2 midi remote scripts folder but ... nothing.
My script doesn't work in Ableton.
Do you think there's something I did wrong ?

Thank you for your advices.
Best regards from France.



  • Can you please give us more details about how it's "not working"?  Is the script available for selection in Live?  Does the clip selection rectangle show up when you load the script?  Have you downloaded the most current version of the script and installed it with our universal installer?  

    Also, make sure you don't have the editor open when you start Live.  It will grab the Ohm's ports, which means they won't be available to the script in Live.  This is a limitation of Windows MIDI port functionality, unfortunately.

  • Hi,

    Yes the script is available for selection ( only if I put it in Live 9 suite midi remote scripts folder, I can't see it in the Live 9.1.2 folder automatically chosen by the universal installer ), but no selection rectangle appears. Ableton receives midi messages from the Ohm rgb ( small upper right square is blinking ) but no more.

    I've downloaded the last version of the scripts available on Livid website.

    I'll try again without the Ohm rgb editor opened and will let you know. But I think I already tried it.

    Thank you.

  • Sounds like you might have 2 copies of Live and they are different versions.  Probably Suite is an older version, which is why the script isn't working.  Make sure you're launching 9.12 version that is associated with the 9.12 folder that the installer is selecting?

    If not, maybe our installer isn't working properly and is choosing the wrong folder.  I'll probably need to see your log.txt file from your preferences in order to see exactly what's going on ( or you may be able to have a look at it and figure things out yourself ).

  • Hi,

    So I've deleted all my previous scripts installations and started again.
    I've downloaded the Live 9.1.2 script, installed it in the Live 9 suite midi remote scripts folder ( does not work in the 9.1.2 folder ) and the selection rectangle now appears.
    What should I do now ? Is there a file I need to open into the Ohm rgb editor ?
    I can do my own midi assignments, but this script does not interact on his own with Ableton.

  • Here is a view of my midi preferences, maybe it will help :

  • Your preferences look correct. You say that the red box is showing up? What is not working?

    Try installing the remote scripts in both Ableton folders.

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