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Base + Ableton - LED feedback in User mode?

edited May 2014 in Hardware

Anyone know if I get the pads to dynamically reflect a selected drum rack module while I have the top buttons and faders midi mapped ?



  • I answered this in another post, here:

    However, if you're interested in seeing what notes are playing FROM THE TRACK, that won't work.  It's way more complicated, and you have to use some of the newer Push methods from the API.  Let me know your intention more clearly stated and I'll see if I can help.


  • thanks for this

    yes I'm after visual feedback on the pads in terms of how the ableton drum rack looks, ie sample present and colour as set in ableton (like device mode?) Unless its easier to use device mode and change what the faders / top buttons are controlling? this is all speculative as to whether I buy a base so excuse my lack of hands on.

    If you think this is possible with some deeper scripting (which is way out of my skill set), I'd be happy to actually pay for this custom script to be built.. if that is at all a possibility. Let me know

  • Our script already provides feedback for pads pressed in instrument modes.  Also, in drumrack mode (i.e. when on layer 2 or 3 of the script and a drumrack is present), each pad reflects whether a sample is present, as well as whether the pad is muted or soloed.  It reacts in much the same way as Push does, but with fewer colors available (Base has a 7 color palette).  

    I'm always willing to do commissioned scripting (when available...just depends on the circumstances and needs), but you'll probably find most of the functionality you need built into the stock script.  You might just need some basic modifications to the stock one, or some m4l stuff to do exactly what you need.

    Let me know if you have any other questions or if I was unclear about something, I'm happy to help further :)


  • Awesome, I will investigate, thanks so much for the help

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