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Code Relative Knobs & Absolute LED Rings with Reason

edited May 2014 in Hardware


I have been messing around for a week now, with my new Livid Code V2 Firmware 222.
I'm using Reason 7.1.
I've been messing with the Lua driver of the Code in Reason, and the Remote map. 
What I wanted is using the delta functionality in Reason for "Target Track (Delta)", and "Target Patch (Delta)".
I succeeded in mapping these functionalities.

What I would like to do is using all my knobs in relative mode to send data to Reason, and the LED Rings in absolute mode receiving the data from reason.
Knobs Relative, MIDI messages -> Reason
Reason MIDI messages -> Led Rings Absolute

Each of the LED Rings use the same CC as the knob they are surrounding.

When I turn the knobs from the Code, the correct MIDI messages are sent to Reason, and do what it has to do in Reason. 
Reason send back the correct MIDI message to the Code, BUT the LED Rings do not update.

If Absolute is ON in the LED Ring Local Ctrl, the LED Ring light on, but their values are not updated when I turn the Knobs (Relative mode) from the Code .
If Absolute is OFF in the LED Ring Local Ctrl, no LED Rings light up.

I try to do what is written in the documentation:

I'm wondering, if it does not have to do with the MIDI feedback described in:

If Absolute is ON in the LED Ring Local Ctrl, the LED Ring light on, the LED Rings lights update when Reason send MIDI messages BUT with no fingers on the knob of the Code .



  • If you turn off local control in the editor, and update the rings with MIDI cc's 33-64, I think it would work as you desire. Is that what you are trying to do?

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