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ohm led's + resolume

edited May 2014 in Hardware

Hello, I have just received my ohm rgb and mapping it to resolume arena has been fine. I want to change colors however after changing them in the editor and pressing the button the color disappears. is there any way for me to keep the button lit through the editor or do i HAVE to have a script for resolume?



  • It sounds like you have local control turned on. You can keep local control on and change the off state color in the editor under the color tab. This will set the on and off color to be the same for the entire controller. Or you can turn local control off and set each pad individually in the editor. The pad will always be lit, and each pad can be a different color.

  • Not understanding what you mean. I toggle Local Control on and off and there is no difference.

  • i seem to have solved the problem by switching to the online editor. however, while trying to map it i have one button that does not correspond with the online editor. and i'm not sure why. online it is supposed to be the 8th row in the 7th column, but on the controller it comes up on the 6th row 7th column and im not sure why

  • Have you tried a factory reset in the online editor?

  • Yes that has fixed the most recent problem. But I am still lost with getting the led colors to work. I am able to map out all my colors in cc mode but then when i try to override a velocity to change one button it will turn off everything and then the colors to all of the keys won't hold. I keep turning on the button local control for toggle and momentary but that doesn't seem to do anything. am I missing something else?

    i have been reading through the online editor wiki all day and  still seem lost with how to use it.
  • I have been having the same problems trying to get the midi feedback to work. I have been trying what Livid suggest as working but it was written for an OHM64 not the new rgb. The mapping is all over the place and Feed back is not working at all. Here is the link to the files livdi suggests 

    Any info will be helpful
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