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16 Arcade Buttons to a Single Omni Board?

edited April 2014 in Hardware


I'm working on a design for a controller that has quite a few buttons, and to keep everything nice and organized, I was thinking of using omni boards as circuit boards, connecting buttons via wire to through-holes there, and then wiring the omni boards to a Brain v2.

Since I'm not using the board itself to anchor the buttons, I'll have a separate faceplate for that, I was wondering which through-holes on the omni board circuit connect directly to the button layer? Not E and F, but rather the same matrix used for the rubber omni board 1x4 button rows.

Does anyone happen to have any experience with this?


  • Each button pad has 2 vias that you can connect to if your using very thin wire.

    One is on the bottom left corner on the outside of the pad. The other is in the middle on the right side on the inside of the button pad.

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