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Codegriid Live 9.1.2

edited April 2014 in Hardware

i've used the livid_codegriid remote script for several weeks but now live has updated to 9.1.2 and the script stops working.
could you please fix it or tell me what could i do??




  • We'll have compatibility updates for all of our scripts shortly, stay tuned....

  • good, so il''wait!

  • There are updated versions of our scripts on our downloads page.  Consider them "beta", I'm still working out a few bugs at the moment, and we'll continue to update our installer as we get the kinks worked out.  Also, please let us know if you find any problems!



  • I've downloaded it two days ago, it seems working! anyway since i've used my livid code together with push live crash with this error:

    A serious program error has occurred. Live will shut down after this message box is closed...

    i'm not sure this is related but before adding the code to my setup iv'e never seen this message.



  • I see this occassionally, I can't say it has anything to do with a script, though.  Usually, I find it is related to corrupted audio prefs or VST/AU instances.  Let us know if you see it again, but unfortunately we have no way of troubleshooting this kind of crash:  it's up to the Abes ;)


  • ok, i've send the crash repost to Ableton.

    by the way is it possible to link the orizontal navigation on different track between live push and the Code? i mean if a move from track 1-8 to 2-9 the encoders on Code will change accordingly

    best E

  • You'd need to edit the script a bit, but yes it should be possible unless they've changed something in the _Framework I'm not aware of....let me look....

    It seems like Push doesn't implement linking, so even if you link the Code script (which, if you're using the CodeGriid script, it's alreayd linked), the Push script won't be linked to it.  

    One solution is to use a decompyled Push script and make the change there, BUT I wouldn't recommend that unless you know what you're doing.  They change it like every 5 minutes, so it often becomes more trouble than it's worth since each time an update comes out it's likely to break the script.  Instead, you might complain to Abe's a bit and maybe they will add it to their stock script for everyone's use.


  • edited April 2014

    thanks for your clear answer. i'll try! 

    instead is it possible to change the velocity of the encoders inside the codeGriid script? 

    i've changed the velocity using the Livid Code Editor but i figure out the script reset the code to factory reset: self._send_midi(factoryreset) 

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