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Base pad sensitivity

edited April 2014 in Hardware


I just got my Base in.
It was a refurbished model from Thomann in Germany and i had to reset it with the editor to get it working correctly with Bitwig 1.0.6
Only thing is the pads aren't very sensitive and i miss a lot of notes/cliplaunches when i hit it. 
Midimonitor tells me i have to hit it SUPERhard to get at a velocity of 80. And i have put the drum pads group sensitivity at the Highest setting.
Does the bigwig script overwrite this when i start up Bitwig?
Or is the "sensitivity setting" related to aftertouch or something?

You never know with refurbished models!
I hope its fine.



  • edited April 2014

    At fixed velocity it works fine.

    Only when its not fixed its terrible!
    There's only 2 decent responsive pads.
    Pressure is fine also, just first impact velocity is totally off. 
    I have to bang them soo hard.
    when i play the apple dls synth i can barely hear it
  • Not sure what the source of your problem is, but I wanted to note that the Bitwig script DOES switch between fixed and pressure based velocity settings, depending on what mode you are in with the script.  However, it shouldn't cause what you  are describing.

    Have you checked to see what MIDI Monitor is saying when you hit the pad on its highest sensitivity setting without having it connected to Bitwig's script?

  • Hi Amounra,

    But it doesn't mess with the velocity setting "highest"/ "low" etc, does it?

    Yes, i did. I have to hit them really hard to reach 80. Let alone 127.
    (i have owned Push and several Akai's to know this isn't normal in terms of force)
    I also checked with Max's midi tester and there its even more noticeable that a lot of pads don't react sufficiently.
  • i thought, o well i could live with the fixed velocity setting. but if the bigwig script overwrites that, its no use anyway. 

  • You can change the script really easily in that regard.  There are some arrays at the top of the script that define what the settings are for each mode, you can override those or put your own values in as you want. 

    The setting that's used for fixed velocity is the LIVEBUTTONMODE  (line 73).

    If you change the other button modes to match its definition, then it the buttons will always use fixed velocity.

    const LIVEBUTTONMODE = "F0 00 01 61 0C 42 05 05 05 05 05 05 05 05 05 05 05 05 05 05 05 05 05 05 05 05 05 05 05 05 05 05 05 05 05 05 05 05 F7";

    Each one of the 05's represents the setting for one of the 32 pads.  05 is for fixed velocity, 03 is for variable, 01 is for variable with aftertouch.  I'll have to look up what other values do, it should be on the wiki though...

    Let me know if you need some clarification.


  • Thanks Amounra! 

    I'm sending the model back though and am getting a new refurbished one sent over.
    Curious how that one works.

    I also noticed that the grey rubber bit between row 3 and 4 of the drum pads didn't run straight.
    It was waving up and down. This also made the pads not be totally horizontal.
    (the velocity problem was not only on those pads though)
  • Hi guys,

    I now it is an old thread, but did you finally get better pad sensitivity with another model ?
    I just bought a livid base myself and i find that the pads are not that responsive, the note velocity is not consistent (with the same hit strength i am getting different velocity values) and some notes are slightly delayed, making it impossible to play rhythms correctly.
    I used to play with a m-audio trigger finger and all the notes were output perfectly.

    To me it looks like the sensors sampling rate is too slow and the maximum pressure when you hit a pad is not detected (it falls between two captures), but it might also be that the model i have is broken.

    Would getting a new model improve things ?


  • The new model has majorly improved pads. They are about a half inch think now, which I'm noticing does 2 things:

    -gives a more playable range between min and max velocity
    -diffuses the light from the LED much better so the whole pad glows

  • Hi Mark,

    but are all the notes output correctly, at the correct velocity ?


  • Yes the pad response is great. I would argue that both the BASE I and BASE II output notes correctly at the correct velocity. You may have an issue with your unit. If you fill out a support ticket we can do some troubleshooting and repair if necessary:

  • Can base 1 owners purchase the new pads to update the controller? Don't need the whole new controller but would love the thicker pads

  • There is no way to update only the pads. The housing has changes to fit the new pads.

  • Okay, so would the original BASE logic board work in a BASE II housing w/ new pads?

  • Yes they are the same pad layout, so you could lay it onto the BASE 1 main board, but then your faders will be much lower than your pads, probably not a good idea.

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