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Good ways to use Ohm RGB with MLR style apps in Ableton

edited April 2014 in Hardware

Hello, I'm super excited to get my Ohm RGB this week and join the livid Community! 

A desired set up is to run an MLR style app in Ableton, (preferably Seven Up Live)

I've had a lot of problems getting a friends Livid Block going with monomodular or monome bridge to be honest, combing the forums for hours and hours, alot of these are old threads......I can get Seven up live to work with an acutal monome at this point but not with the Block....

If anyone could shed some light on how they are using MLR style apps in Ableton with the RGB that would be greatly appreciated. I love seven up live but am willing to use another cool MLR style app if that it more ideal with the OHM RGB and the current monome emulators out there.

Im running Ableton 8.4.1 on a mac with 107.5. I have max 5, I can buy Live 9 if that makes this set up easier.

thanks alot in advance!


  • There's lots of ways to do it, however it's always a struggle using emulators with 7up, since it runs as a separate app and hijacks the serial connection from the monome (of which there isn't any for the Block, obviously ;) ).  That said, I've done it before with Monomodular (as have others), but I haven't tried it lately.

    Personally, I've always used Molar for this sort of thing, it's nice because it's a VST and will run in just about anything.  I know it works with Monomodular using the modlink mod, and older versions should also work with the Monomebridge.  Keep in mind, they've changed the format for monome apps several times in the last year, so a lot of things that used to work before simply don't any longer.  

    I just noticed the part about running Live8....not a problem, but any of the more recent scripts won't work with it.  Monomodular will only work with the most current versions of Live unless you track down an older version (there's still one available on SVN, but I don't maintain it anymore).  

    Molar/Monomebridge/Live8/Max5 will probably be the most successful combination for you.  I'm not sure about 7up, you might have to do some digging to get that to work.

    Here's Molar:

    Here's a link to the older version of the Monomodular installer that work with Live8:

  • Hey Amounra,  thanks so much for the quick response!  I have read your blog posts and understand you have transitioned into BitWig/livid which effects your work with monomodular so big thanks for taking the time to give me advice on this.

    So I have received my RGB and am loving it so far, the editor is working nicely.


    I can get monomebridge working with MLR and polygome. At first polygome looked "off" but after a factory reset with the rgb editor the grid is "alligns" properly 


     I can't get molar working…When  I hit buttons on the OHM no midi feedback goes to the ohm. Also I'm hearing nothing at all even though I followed the instructions (I read/edited config file, added an audio file into a folder/added path name…put 40h as the prefix in MonomeBridge, load up molar as a vst…)

    The only thing that happens with molar is the buttons in molar's GUI do light up,  but therere "offset"  Every button I hit  lights up a note in the GUI that is 4 rows higher and 3 rows to the left, for example Note G60 (bottom row collumn 5 triggers G25 ). Maybe this offset is a clue? 

    I played around with Li've midi preferences to enable output to the ohm controls and monomebridge but no LEDS from molar…Not sure what the prefs are supposed to be

    The tutorial videos on molar run over features but not really any troubleshooting… Do you have any idea of what I might be doing wrong or a some ways to check if I have molar set up right? Any good ways to test things?


      Monomodular is "offset" too. Hitting buttons vertically is trigger clip slots horizontally. Modlink Mod can get 7up to connect actually which is promising but It still seems to be in a messed up Ableton clip launch view. I wonder if it could be the fact I installed Monomodular  994r111112 then just b994r. Maybe on of those  files I put on my computer messing something up?

    I know this alot to take in and much, much thanks for any help you can give me.

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