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BASE bank select buttons

edited March 2014 in Hardware

Hi everyone,

Recently got my BASE and have been trying to work out how to change banks using the 8 numbered buttons on the left hand side. Am probably making some stupid mistake but can't get these working at all.

In the online editor, after selecting a button, I have assigned it in the 'special' drop-down menu to 'indiv. bank'. In the wiki it says this will assign this button to switch to the corresponding bank. But after assigning all the right-hand side buttons to this function I can't see any evidence that the bank has been changed. The LED indicator remains on '01', all LEDs etc stay the same colour and MIDI is still being passed through channel one - tested in MAX, Ableton etc. 

Am I missing something obvious? 

Thanks for any help!



  • Hi Moon, thanks for this - any word from the software department?

  • I'm not able to reproduce. I just hooked up my Base, opened the editor, set the right buttons to indiv. bank select, and they work as expected. The LCD shows the bank number, the buttons change color, and the assignments do too.
  • Mine still not working - is this a problem with my Base then?

  • finally found a solution to this just now - though not really sure why it's the case.

    Had to download the offline version of the editor, which lets me assign buttons to bank selectors.

    Thanks for your efforts!

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