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which rotary knobs are suitable?

edited March 2014 in Hardware

Hey there,

Maybe stupid question, but any rotary knob would do for making a controller based on the Brain Jr? I'm thinking about doing something but instead of with the dj rotary knobs with something bigger, kind of guitar pedal knobs.

I don't see any information on electronic characteristics about the ones in the Livid shop. Resistance? Anything special about them?

Also I'm thinking about making a foot controller that would also use material from guitar pedals, in this case the normal guitar pedal switches, any comments on that would be appreciated.

Since I'm a brainstorming beginner, I also have another two basic questions, is there any other board needed when doing a controller based on the brain jr? The breakout shield just makes things easier, or is completely necessary? And last question, led rings on rotatory knobs have nothing to do with the amount of leds the Brain can handle, right? Since it's an independent circuit. But maybe it can lead to power problems.

Thanks a lot!


  • My god. That's what I call being efficient. Thank you so much!

  • Wait!

    Another question I had, this one for when you have your controller finished.

    Is it possible to have a Brain Jr with, for example, 16 potentiometers and 4 buttons, and being able to have actually 4 layers of 16 potentiometers when configuring it with the Livid tools, each button for switch between layers?
  • Ok, thank you so much for your answers :)

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