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Base Ableton Live remote script - strange scale behavior

edited February 2014 in Hardware

Hi - I see that the creator of the Live remote script for Base takes part on this board, figured I'd post this as a discussion in case anyone else has this issue...

In Shifted Device Mode, when I use the Scale Mode up and down buttons to scroll through the scales, I get some odd results:

1) The scales are ordered alphabetically by scale name rather than the order given in (and in the wiki). Not a big deal.

2) The 2-character scale names shown on the LED are sometimes using the 1st 2 characters of their full scale name instead of the corresponding SCALEABBREVS abbreviations.

So for example the 3 Bebop scales all have the same name in the LED: "Be".

For my own use I wrote out how scale mode is working for me, it's a mix of SCALEABBREVS and SCALES names, all rearranged into scale name alphabetical order:

-A    Auto
bE   Bebop Dom
bE   Bebop Loc
bE   Bebop Maj
bU   Bhairav
12   Chromatic
CP    Composite
d-    Dim
do    Dominant Sus
II    Dorian
-d    DrumPad
NE    Enigmatic
En    Enigmatic Min
hA    Harmonic Min
hr    Hirojoshi
hu    Hungarian Min
IS    In-Sen
Iw    Iwato
hN    Kumoi
Uh    Locrian
IU    Lydian
N-    Maj
NA    Maj Pent
NE    Melodic Min
N-    Min
NI    Min Blues
NI    Min Gypsy
NI    Min Pent
NI    Mixolydian
E3    Mod
nE    Neopolitan Maj
nE    Neopolitan Min
P9    Pelog
Pr    Persian
Ih    Phrygian
-S    Session
SP    Spanish
Su    Super Loc
wh    Whole-half
wh    Whole Tone

I tried my novice scripting hand at editing to fix the problem, and only seemed to mix things up more, so I went back to the original file.

I am finding that scale mode is my favorite use for the Base in Live, really hope there is a fix to make it easier to navigate. Thanks so much for any help!


  • Hey mbxt, 

    I haven't forgotten about you, sorry for the delay....I've been slammed getting things done for Bitwig's release.  I actually looked at this a bit last night in Bitwig's scripts (which use roughly the same methods) and reviewed your email, but I haven't had a chance to test it in Ableton.  I'll check it tonight if possible and see if I can come up with a solution for's probably simple, but I haven't looked at this in a while so I need to reorient myself.  


  • Ok, simple mistake on my part.  There are some missing underscores from the SCALEABBREVS dict, You can change them yourself pretty easily, or copy from here and paste into the file for Base.  I'm working on updates for all of the scripts right now, so we'll try to get this updated with a new installer very soon.  

    As far as the alphabetization goes, I was aware of that problem and I'd also like to fix it...I'll see what I can do, I know it's annoying.  Wasn't exactly sure how all that was going to go when I first started writing the script, I'd like to come up with a better way to do that bit (in fact, I thought I had already, but looking at the script now I realize not).  

    Thanks for reporting this, good catch ;)


    SCALEABBREVS = {'Mod':'E3', 'Session':'-S','Auto':'-A','Chromatic':'12','DrumPad':'-D','Major':'M-','Minor':'m-','Dorian':'II','Mixolydian':'V',
    'Minor_Pentatonic':'mP','Major Pentatonic':'MP','Harmonic Minor':'mH','Melodic_Minor':'mM','Dominant_Sus':'D+','Super_Locrian':'SL',

  • Hey, thank you! I will try out the fix this evening. Sorry to pester you, didn't realize you were also the one responding to my ticket.

    I acutally don't mind the alphabetization part so much, makes it easier to find a scale without glancing at a cheat sheet. But I guess if I ever get the urge to customize the script to put my favorite scales at the top it will be necessary to control that.

    Thanks again.

  • Is there anything else you need to do ?

    I've cut and pasted teh above into the replacing what was there before but I still have the same sceen displays as before after restarting etc

    Can the BASE actually even display an m ?

  •  No, it should just work.  

    Base can display 26 letters and 10 numbers, but some of them are somewhat unrecognizable. I think "M" looks something like an "n" on Base's 8 segment led display.
  • Ok cool, thanks for the help, much appreciated. 

    I'll try again and if i get it to work will post back results if it might prove helpful to others to see what I was doing wrong, what worked etc
  • Sorted - seems it was late night bleary eyes to blame.

    Many thanks for the wonderful script.

  • Awesome !  Thanks for the kudos!


  • fwiw I found it had stopped working when coming back to this recentlyso just updated my scale abrrevs in the instead, just incase anyone else is having this issue out there.

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