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Button Matrix problem!

edited January 2014 in Hardware


So I recently bought a brain along with some other things to start building a controller and so far I got all the analog controls working perfectly, but I'm having some trouble with the button matrix.

Connecting all the buttons directly worked fine, but I get no signal when I connect them as the button matrix explained in the wiki.     

I've checked all my connections and they seem ok, I was thinking it might be a problem with the diodes. I'm using the 1N4148 type. 

Is there any other type of diodes used for the buttons? 

I guess I'll start crossing out possible problems from there.



  • Are the diodes on the correct way? They have a polarity, so if they are installed backwards, no signal will pass through.

  • Yes, the + side of the diodes are facing the buttons and the - to the rows in the matrix. 

  • Which type of brain are you using?

    Can you snap a photo of your matrix? Maybe try it without the diodes and see what you get?

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