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Brain Jr button local control with CCs

edited January 2014 in Hardware
How do you set up LED button local control when a button is configured to generate CC data? I can only get notes to work. I'm using the direct-connect LED outputs and group size of 1, and I have tried several group styles in case that made any difference. My Brain Jr is running v208 firmware.

I'm attempting to build a foot-operated transport controller for Reason. I have a load of momentary foot switches and some LEDs I was hoping to use to provide visual feedback for each button, with some buttons set to momentary operation (e.g. play, stop) and some set to toggle (e.g. loop, click). I want the LEDs to light while the momentary buttons are pushed and stay lit when toggle buttons are pushed.

I can set up button local control when the buttons are configured to generate note data, and the LEDs will light when the appropriate note is generated by a button (you don't seem to have to match button ID 0 with LED ID 0, as long as the note numbers match, which is great). Buttons configured as toggles keep the LED on until they are pressed again, which is exactly what I want.
Switching the modes of the buttons and LEDs to CC, I don't seem to be able to be able to get any LEDs to light. Any ideas?


  • I'm interested in this question, too. I'd like to have a button set as a toggle between sending CC127 and CC0. Would like the led to remain lit while the button is in the CC127 "state" and remain off when it is in the CC0 "state".

    Is this possible with the Brain, Jr. I think this is what the OP is asking above as well.

    Thanks, Mahlon

  • Hi Mahlon -

    Let me be sure I understand. If I map, say, switch channel 4 to cc 50, and map led channel 4 to cc50, that led will light/unlight when switch 4 sends 127 and 0, respectively? Appreciate the clarification for a relative newbie :-)

  • Yes, if you have the setting called "local control" enabled, this will work. Also linking switch ch 4 to led ch 4 is not necessary, just that the assigned cc#s match. It does save headache if you do them in order though. ;)

  • I just stumbled onto this thread as I was having the same problem. Finally I realized that the LED's are numbered right to left on the Brain Jr.

    I thought I'd post my operator error in case it helped someone else in the future.


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