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Base : saving/loading complete presets ?

edited January 2014 in Hardware

Hello there,

I just received my Base and already feel happy with it !
I installed the Ableton Live Remote Script which is great but not completely suitable for my use so, I would better use personal presets (with banks etc) according to my various musical projects.
Since the "preset functionality" in the (online) Livid Editor doesn't work yet, is there any way to save/load complete presets as I can do, for example, with my Korg nanoKontrol ?

Nakatano, France.


  • Presets don't really have anything to do with "banks". Sure you can make banks.

  • Hi Jay,

    Well, maybe I misunderstood the functionality of Base or, maybe, my explanations were not detailed enough : what I call here a "preset" means the possibility to use the 7 banks of Base working as a kind of "template" or "remote script" so, I would have a complete 7 (or 4 or 5) banks preset for each of my projects (one bank for one "task", in Live and/or Max/MSP). 
    Basically, the idea would be to replace my 3 current controllers only with the Base which, I think is able to do this performance. 
    Each time I switch from a project to another one, I'd just have to load the complete "n banks presets" and the Base would be ready to perform !

    I understood it was the "concept" with the "recall/save preset" tab feature in the online editor ?

  • edited January 2014

    I just got my Base and I'm wondering the same thing. It looks to me like banks just allow you to change the things likd slider colors and MIDI channels for the bank, but you can't configure separate CCs for sliders, or separate pad pressure CC's for the same pad in another bank - or at least I can't seem to do it.

    I also want to save work I've done in the editor so I can back it up, or share with a friend who has a base so I'd love to know if this is possible.

  • Each bank doesn't allow me to save different CCs. For example, if I start with bank 1, set slider 1 to CC 20, then
    switch to bank 2 in the editor, go to slider 1, change it to CC 25, save, then go back to bank 1, - the CC is 12 not 20. In other words CCs seem global. So I can in fact change channel number per bank, but not the CC of the controls per bank.

  • No, Jay, it is not supposed to do that! All banks share the same CC/note settings, but have a different channel. 

  • edited January 2014

    Now that I know this is expected behavior I've created a workaround with Plogue Bidule.

    I've used "MIDI Spliter" to isolate traffic by channel. For each channel I use "CC Transpose" to bump the CC #s by 8. So when I switch from bank 1 to 2, the CCs go from 21-28 to 29-36 offering complete control of Absynth without having to do do MIDI learn :^)


    Mark Mosher

  • Obviously (and unless I definitely misunderstand something...), 2 really nice features would be : 

    1) the possibility to save/recall/load complete presets as files for each bank ("alla Korg Kontrol Editor")

    2) the possibility to change the midi channel for each controller in each bank, no matter which one it belongs. (for example, I would like to have a 9 drum pads "square" to select/launch selected clips or scenes via the Live API, no matter the bank I'm in so, each pad would have a unique/selectable midi channel and the same function/assignation in many banks).

    (well, maybe I'm asking a little bit too much... :D)
  • +1 @nakatano. The Korg Kontrol Editor is a great example of this and works really well.

  • +1

    No, this is not asking too much when you buy an expensive high quality midi controller.
    I thought it would go without saying that the editor can save and load complete presets, and that you can freely assign the midi channel. I hope there will be an update soon!
  • edited February 2014

    I am having trouble with the editor, when i change colors sometimes all the other drumpads and touch sliders will change colors very randomly. To spend a lot of time making individual configurations in the editor seems to risky since there is no way of backing your work up!! One mistake by clicking defaults, or just finding a bug  in the editor or software will possibly ruin it.

    Please before releasing new products. (Guitar Wing) Finish what you started. Complete the editor.

  • Yep, I have exactly the same problem with the editor and drumpads color strange (random) behavior !

  • Got a Base today and came here looking for some answers/info, one big question was around these banks. The Base info page says "Base is totally configurable to suit your needs." After a couple of hours of poking around for info  it seems that as someone else discovered above, all the banks share common cc numbers and just change midi channels and colours....really??? I like playing keyboards/basslines on pads and use banks to switch up/down the keyboard or scroll through larger Battery kits and as far as I can tell the Base can not do what my POS M-Audio Trigger Finger can. Please tell me that this isn't so. I was really looking forward to that basic functionality as well as adding a sequencer setup in a diff. bank etc.
    Also I know that this is a user forum and you folks probably aren't the makers but a little more user-friendly out of the gate surely wouldn't hurt. Just going through the editor wiki and it's basically telling me what it can do as opposed to how to do it. I'm reasonably adept with setups etc, done some fairly complex Traktor mappings etc but tbh already not seeing this as being totally configurable to suit my needs both functionality and time-wise. Also some pointer to the wiki manuals on the support page wouldn't hurt. So I guess a huge +1 from me, anything on the horizon? If not I'm pretty shafted as we have no US-style buy-then-return system here in Japan :(

  • edited February 2014

    Hi Moon, thanks for your direct input, very much appreciated.

    1. I've been battling with the web editor and wiki for 4 or 5 hours now, finally getting some sense out of it all and seem to have most things tidied up now. Lots of trial and error involved though and still not sure why disabling cc send on drumpads allows notes to be triggered in Batttery, Traktor etc.

    2. Also, ID 34 button left side led does not appear at all in any colour. The momentary green led on the right end works.

    3. About the Traktor offer, many thanks, more than anything it was just to show that I'm reasonably adept at sorting these things out and not afraid to do some amount of research etc.
    Firmware is up to date, I've reset to defaults, tried groups etc

    4. About the different keyboard octaves, this really is quite a big one for me. There is also the scenario where different synths etc respond to different midi cc and I'd like to make template A for synth A, B for B etc. without getting into complex workrounds using other software. Just as rough idea 'the next firmware update' might roughly be when? I've already spent a full half day+ with this box and made absoltely no music. While it's a gorgeous box, if the functionality I require isn't potentially there soon I'd rather not be spending time programing various setups for drums,Traktor etc just because I have the thing, only to end up trying to sell it when something suitable comes along, it doesn't make sense.

    Thanks again Moon, the feature set and layout looked awesome and a local store had a deal on this so I jumped in but looking at some comments/threads etc I'm feeling maybe this wasn't the right choice.

  • Hi again Moon, as it turns out it seems the faulty led might have done me a favour as that is the only situation where I may be able to return the Base for a refund so unless you have any last word on even vaguely when there might be a firmware update that addresses my banks issue or also the saving of presets either on or offline, I think this baby is going back :(

  • Unfort. the Base went back to the shop 'thanks' to the small hardware fault. Beautiful box I hope to come back to when/if true banks and preset saving become available. Thanks again for your input Moon, much appreciated in spite of the box going back, see you round.

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