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Base - Midi channel & user mode customising

edited January 2014 in Hardware

Hi BaseHeads,

I'm looking to change the midi channel within the base script if anyone can help me that would be awesome :)

The issue I'm having is my midi mappings are clashing between the base & lemur iPad app, I tried changing the lemur's midi channels for each parameter so all the cc mappings are different to the base as this was the first issue I was having, the lemur was mapped to the same midi mappings as the base so I changed the lemur channel to 16 which I thought would help but now the base is playing up, all of the lights are random & glitchy. So I was going to try & change the midi channel for the base & see if that works.
I'm open to suggestions :)

I was also looking thru the forum & found some interesting topics, I would like to setup my base's user modes modifying the script so the pads react with visual feedback with custom colours for each mode, as I would like to setup my user modes for launching dummy clips with the visual feedback displaying one colour for a clip being assigned or loaded & another colour for clips being triggered & then another colour for it playing.
I also would like to custom colour the faders for each user mode so they are easy to identify what user mode I'm using.
And I was also wondering if it's possible to change how the faders adjustments work as in finer adjustment for a smoother volume change for example?  

A lot of questions I'm sorry but I'm excited to get things happening with this new controller :)    


  • Ok so I've sorted out my issues with the base & lemur :)

    Would love to still get help on the customising the user modes. 
  • There are some pretty simple changes you can make to the Base script in this regard....I'll try to dig up the forum posts and get back to you tomorrow. 


  • Awesome cheers :)

  • Here's some details.  Let me know what else you need to know.  Sorry for taking so long to get back to you, for some reason I thought I posted this right after my first message, but it didn't take.

  • Cheers, 

    I was onto this post, so this will change the colours of the pads in each user mode but I would like to do this but with each pad giving me a visual feedback for a clip loaded in it or is midi mapped to it, so a different colour for a clip loaded, clip triggered ready to play (flashing) & another colour for it playing. The same functions as mode 1 pretty much.

    thanks again,

  • Are you manually mapping each button to clips?  If so, it's not going to be easy.  You'd have to explicitly program everything in Python, there's no way to find out from Python whether or not you've manually mapped a button in Live.....sorry :(


  • ah ok, thanks for your help :)

    I do have another question, is it possible to modify the script so the fader that controls the master can become used for something else? basically I don't it controlling the master volume because I've knocked it by accident while playing a set & don't want it to happen when I'm playing a gig. 
  • You can just UserMap it in Ableton, that would override the script assignment.

  • I tried this but it didn't override it.

    So not sure how to change it?
  • It should "just work"....make sure you have "Remote" enabled in your MIDI Preferences for the "controls" input.  If that's not the issue I'll need more info, but User Mapping always overrides any script functionality.

  • Thats what I thought, I'll have another look at it & let you know how it goes

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