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Livid Code Ableton MIDI Remote Script

edited December 2013 in Hardware

My newfound love for the Base (and the endless hours of fun I've had with its script) has inspired me to dust off my Code, something I haven't done since becoming an Ableton convert. 

I love the simplicity of the Code; 32 knobs. It would be great to have the Code function as a "Device Control" for whatever device is currently selected in Ableton.. I have been able to make a script work for 8 of the parameters but have been unable to make it work for all 32. It seems like doing this might be (relatively?) simple, but as I am still a novice with a lot of these Script related endeavors I have not been able to figure it out.. Any insight or help would be much, much appreciated!!

In terms of workflow, I think this would be very useful for any Code owners.. You can save your "go to" soft-synths and effects with up to 32 parameters pre-configured (as a rack) for instant tweakability upon loading. This gives you hands on, "analog" type control right at your fingertips.. Particularly useful for going through synth presets or doing ground-up sound-design from a initial template.


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