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No LED response from OhmRGB

edited December 2013 in Hardware

Just got the OhmRGB Slim a few weeks ago, and still haven't managed to get the LEDs to light up in response to audio/midi clips in Ableton.  Is there something I need to change in the Editor in order to get feedback from Live?  The lights beneath the knobs and the Ohm logo shine just fine, but the clip buttons have yet to function.  Do I have to map them individually in the editor?

Anybody know what I'm missing?




  • Your Ableton settings should look like this:

    Except under control surface, it would say "none". Unless you are using a remote script that is..

  • Got it! Thanks Mark!

  • Hey Mark - I'm having the same issue even tho I have my settings matched up to what you have there. Only difference is my script is OhmModes2 and surfaces are OhmRGB (control) and OhmRGB (port2).

  • If you have mismatched versions of the script and Ableton, the script will crash and you won't get any feedback.  Make sure that you've got the most current version of Live installed, then reinstall the scripts with our installer.  Let me know if that doesn't do the trick!

  • Worked like a charm, thanks!

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