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Alias 8 as stepsequencer

edited December 2013 in Hardware
I'm trying to program my Alias 8 as a controller for a drum synth. I got inspired by the new Volca Beats synth from Korg which looks like a lot of fun to play with.

Anyway, I'd like to have the same hands on control and for adjusting certain aspects of the different sounds it works just fine. For example I use the 1st strip - 2 knobs, a fader and 2 buttons - to control the decay, click, volume, and mute/solo of the bassdrum. This is all done using regular midi-assignments in Ableton.

Now I want to take it a step further and assign the other midi channels to control 16 steps of a sequence - each button on the Alias one step. So for example on channel 2 I would have the kickdrum with the buttons lid that are on/off. On channel 3 the snare etc. (Ofcourse, the ultimate feature would be a light in a different color indicating the current step)

To me, the 16 colored buttons on the Alias 8 look perfect for this purpose :) However, I've not yet touched the midi scripting abilities of the Alias 8 so can anyone point out if this is even possible? 


  • This is 100% possible, but it will require a remote script or a max patch.

  • edited December 2013

    I've gotten quite far already with my little project. However there's one thing that I'm unable to solve:

    Let's say the 1st of the 16 button sequence is 'on'. I've also got a separate (step sequencer style) led that lids each of the 16 buttons for every 16th step.

    So, every 1st beat the led color of the 1st button is changed to indicate an active step.  Then on the 2nd beat the state of the 1st button has to be reset to its original 'on' state. I just can't get this to work without sending an 'set 0' and then a slightly delayed 'set 1' message to the live.toggle controlling the physical button. This just seems like a dirty hack to me, there just has to be a more elegant solution!

    Any thoughts/ideas?
  • edited April 2014

    Ok so I've got it to work. In case anyone is interested:

  • Hey there,

    Thats brilliant, is there any chance of getting a download to play around with?

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