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BASE Ableton Redbox

edited November 2013 in Hardware

Is there a way to move the red box by a factor of 8? 



  • Yes, you'd need to change some stuff in the script.  In the function _setup_session_control(), you need to add at the end:


    I've added a flag for this in my current working version, so it will be available as an option in the Map file in future versions.


  • Thanks for the Tip. 

    I still can't get it to work.  Im guessing that I am not putting something in the correct place.
    What do you mean by "add at the end"?  I'm really not sure.  Thank you so much for being so helpful with this stuff!
  • edited November 2013

    It should look like this at the end of the function:


    That get you there?  Make sure to restart Live after you've saved the script!


  • Yes!  There we go.

    I really can't thank you enough for your continued help!  

    And thanks again for making the script in the first place!  So awesome.

  • Does this function no longer work with the new script?

  • Sadly, it does not :(  Ableton removed that variable from their scripts a little ways back, and I haven't had time to find an alternative.  I'll see if I can dig something up.....


  • That is a big bummer.  Thanks for the update.

  • I looked at the _Framework again:  it's not that its impossible, it's just not even close to easy.  I'm rewriting the Base script at the moment, I'll try to get that in their as an option for the next release.


  • What offset amount do you need to bank left/right by?

  • I have found that is nice to bank by a factor of 8 so it like a complete "page" of the BASE.  Thank you so much for checking into this!

  • You know, it's supposed to do that when you press shift anyway......I guess we didn't put it there since you can't see the clip grid while shift is pressed.  Anyway, in the meantime you can get that behaviour by replacing all the:

    self._session.set_track_bank_buttons(self._lt_button, self._rt_button)

    to this:


    You'll have to add to deassign_all():


    That should get you there, though, and I'll try to add it back as an option in the next script release.
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