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block LEDs

edited November 2013 in Hardware

Does Livid actually replace or refund discontinued hardware like the block?  This is from the Warranty page on the wiki:

"Livid Instruments will either replace the product, repair the product, or refund the purchase price at its option."

I was just going to send it in for repairs because one of the LEDs stopped working, but I just tried to get it going on another project and another LED is out.  I've put the thing through very light use since I got it (most of the time has been spent on the software side trying to implement it) and after seeing other posts with LED trouble, I'm inclined to try and jump ship on this controller.  Has anyone else noticed an LED/transistor problem on the block or OHM?  Other than this LED trouble, the thing's been great--but obviously I don't want to go through the trouble of sending it in if the lights are going to turn back off after a couple of months.


  • This doesn't sound very common at all. You should fill out a support ticket.

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