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Reason Remote Script for Alias8 available

edited November 2013 in Hardware
We've just finished up a beta of the Reason Remote Script for Alias 8. It's quite powerful. The encoder in "cc" mode is used to navigate your rack. Press it to use the encoder to change the channel to access mapping variations for any device. You'll be interested to know that you can control Thor's Step Sequencer :)
All the map guides and installation instructions are available here:

Just press the "download zip" button.
We'll document on the wiki as we get closer to final release, but there are graphics available for each device and variation. There's also a nice Max patch ("LCDproto") in there that you can use as a display that tells you all the current mappings and values. You can of course run that patch with Max Runtime: no need to own Max!
Please test and comment!
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