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Toggle buttons in Brain v1?

edited November 2013 in Hardware

I really needs to configure a number of buttons in Brain v. 1 as Toggle: when I press it the first time it sends the CC value corresponding to ON, when I press it the second time, it send the "turn off" value.

Reading the wiki I understand that there's no way to configure them this way, but I'm ask anyway.. ;-)

Could you help me? meybe you could trow out a firmware update or something like this?? ;-) 
please please please ... 



  • Halloooo... are you busy implementing my requested feature? Or just I let you without any word? :-D

    Don't want to bother you, but really I would like to know if I can hope to have toggle buttons in brain v.1

    Thank you in advance!

  • Unfortunately we are no longer adding features to the Brain v1 platform. The Brain v2 can do toggle mode. You can order a v2 bus board and change the firmware on your v1 to make it a v2!

  • Thank you Mark!

    it looks like an interesting solution (although a little bit expensive, considering that I have to add the shipping costs and the import custom taxes for Italy).
    I was hoping that would be possible to install the BrainV2 firmware in the Brain V1 :-(

    Considering going with the Bus Board, I need a clarification: 
    since  I already have crated a buttons matrix and a Led matrix, I have soldered them and the analog inputs through the ribbon cables to the connectors indicates for the Brain1 headers, If I'll buy the Bus Board do I have to dismantle it and rewire all with a new logic? Or on the bus board I'll find the same headers?

    Thanks again for your help
  • You may be able to make it work without purchasing the bus board.... The bus board adds 2 multiplexers, one for the LED's, one for the buttons. So the firmware is designed to use the multiplexer to read the LED's. It will not work without the multiplexers. So maybe you can add the multiplexers in yourself?? Depends what your current circuit looks like.

    Can you sketch a schematic for your LED's and buttons the way you have them wired now?

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