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Ohm64 RGB Slim Traktor LED mapping help

edited October 2013 in Hardware

Hi everyone this is my first port here, I've been through this forum and searched the net for the answer to this but with no luck but if it has been posted here before sorry in advance.

I recently moved to Traktor/Ohm64 RGB from CDJ's due to moving house and trying to save space, I have mapped my Ohm64 to Traktor and all the controls work but I cant find a guide to help me map different colors to the buttons? I've been trying to map two colors to each button so I can tell what state each feature is in but I can seem to get it to work at all, in fact I cant even map a single color to a button?

I have been using the Ohm Editor and when i make the color selection the color changes on the Ohm but as soon I press the button the color  disappears? I have tried 'send' and 'save to ohm' but have had no luck, can anyone help this midi newbie please?



  • I wouldn't use the editor to customize any colors, Traktor has full color implementation through their MIDI system. A good place to start would be one of the Traktor maps available (for free) for the OhmRGB here

  • Hi Jay,

    Thanks for your replay, I have downloaded a couple of maps and they have been great. I decided to do my own mapping as none of the maps i tried met my needs, or had features that I didnt require. 

    As you suggest I will have a look into mapping the LED's through Traktor rather than through the Ohm Editor.

  • Hey mingdonaldson,

    You might want to try tweaking MIDI range LED option. When you look under this feature you should notice a min and a max value slots.

    The 'min' represent color for off state and 'max' value would be color displayed while button/function has been activated.

  • I also use extreme mapping

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