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can i pay someone to skype me and walk me through how to set up my CNTRLR?

edited October 2013 in Hardware

its day 5 since i got my controller and i still cant get it set up the forum hasnt helped much and i opened a ticket and get the same response.

the problems im having

-cant bank my CNTRLR, when i do it keeps all the banks in the same midi channel and im tryn to set each bank to a certian button not one button to toggle though 4 banks i read the wiki page and when i scroll through the special options i dont have the option of selecting "indiv. bank" can i only assign one button to toggle through all 4 banks on my CNTRLR?

-im tryn to set up my encoders leds to stay at the 12 o'clock potisiton for eq's so i read up on the wiki page and no where on the editor do i see an option of changing the led style from: walk, fill, eq, spread

any help would be great and im willing to pay via paypal to skype and get this set up today im ready to start jamming!

also anyone know why the online editor and the downloadable one look completly diffrent?


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