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The BASE pads: sensitivity, feel, consistency, etc.?

edited October 2013 in Hardware

G'day, I'm considering the BASE as a pad controller, used primarily for finger drumming. I've tried a few pad controllers, with the latest being the KMI QuNeo and NI Maschine Mikro Mk2. An old fave of mine is the PadKontrol; never cared for Akai's pads.

The sensitivity and consistency of the Maschine's pads is the best of all I've tried (though the inner four pads are very slightly less responsive than the outer twelve) but its customisability is very limited and even the Mikro is quite chunky. The overall response when in MIDI mode vs Maschine software mode is markedly worse; simple enough to work around, but one loses aftertouch completely in doing so, and must use VSTs or third-party apps for any deep customisation.

The QuNeo's great in terms of portability and customisability, and although I like the feel of its pads more than Maschine's, its sensitivity isn't great (I got it to about the same as Maschine in MIDI mode with optimal settings), and its inconsistency (even on a single pad, let alone across pads) is hard to tame.

I can't find a single video of anyone playing the BASE as a pad-based finger-drumming instrument to get an idea of its overall playability, scan times, aftertouch ride/crash muting, etc. I also cannot find anyone in my country with one I could try myself, so I'd really appreciate it if anyone who's owned any other pad controllers could compare the BASE's pad sensitivity, feel, consistency, etc.

Thanks! :)

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