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Ableton 9 / Cell DNA Max for Live not synchronized ?

edited October 2013 in Hardware

I repost this on "Software discussion", sorry for that.


I try to use Cell DNA and Ableton Max-4-Live patch. Looks like I've a synch pb or something...

For example :
- I'm able to move by mouse the crossfader on M4L plugin.
- I'm able to read an automation on Live on this parameter
- But when I launch Live, there is a big delay between the crossfader's position in Cell DNA regarding the order sent by Live.

Live and Cell DNA are set to the same BPM.

After a while, situation get worst.  Even if I stop Live, the crossfader in CellDNA will continue to move... delay increae, Cell DNA gets slower...

I can't find a tutorial explainig how to set up connection between Live and CellDNA (onluy basic ones).

Can somebody help, please ?

Thanks a lot !

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