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Block: Portable USB Power?

edited August 2013 in Hardware

Hi all,

Can anyone recommend a safe device to provide portable USB power for the Block?

I've got my block connected through regular MIDI to iRig then to iPod Touch, the only thing left to go fully mobile is I current draw power from a computer to the USB of the block, but I could use a portable pack for that...



  • There's not really a way to do this, since the block need a "host" to get power. It's not really designed for standalone power. 

    However, you can use a powered usb hub and the Camera Connection Kit to get MIDI to the iPod touch app, assuming it supports CoreMIDI. The app/iPod will act as a USB host then, and power will come from teh powered USB hub.
  • Hi,

    I might stick with carrying my netbook with the block :)

    Thanks for the quick reply.

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