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Remote scripting 2 brainsv2

edited August 2013 in Hardware

Hi my controller has 2 brains V2, do you know if any of your customers or staff who remote scripted 2 brains?


  • do you plan on writing the script yourself?

  • I do , my controller is built. I don't know whether you remember me. The big problem is I used to brains because I wanted a lot of buttons. I have a block of 64 buttons like your ohm64 these are made up of rgb omni boards, using your BrainV2 editor I have these mapped i.e. I hit a button and the button lights up, in order to map all these to the same color I map these in blocks of 3 and the first address is blue. Here is my problem, the bulk of the buttons are mapped to midi notes, but 16 are mapped to midi cc now this makes it extremely difficult to write button elements in the remote script for a matrix to launch clips when they are not the same. 

    Is it possible to map 64 buttons on 4 omni rgb's to just midi notes and still have them the same color and if so how?



  • Here is a link to a photo. Basically is it possible to have to block of 64 buttons mapped to note's and be the same color so I can write code to have them trigger clips.

  • I guess I don't understand. Why do you have to map some of them as CC's?

  • You can use the editor to change the buttons output mode from CC to note. If you spend some time in the editor you can remap you 8X8 grid to be all note output in a sequential order.

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