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BASE user settings LED- save-able?

edited July 2013 in Hardware

hey all,

just got my BASE and jumped right in with Live9. Love the control surface functionality- took a few seconds playing with it to get how smart it is but man is this thing laid out in such an awesome way! 

question though- I know that in the four User Modes that I can just midi learn everything in Live9 and have the controls I want. How do I set it up in the Livid editor so that the buttons/pads have LEDS- same with the touch fader. Or the pad sensitivity? I can do it in the editor but as soon as I switch out of User Mode I lose what I just did- EVEN after "save to device". I'd like to be able to customize the look/feel of the user modes and have them default to that everytime I plug the box in- to my laptop or studio computer. Please tell me this is possible? 

thanks so much!



  • hmm. If you are using the remote script you are not going to want to use the editor at all, it needs to be in the default state. What exactly are you wanting to do in the user mode, maybe that's an easier approach so we can give you the proper direction.

  • hey Jay, thanks for the response! 

    I basically just want the pads to have different lights as well as change the sensitivity of those pads too. 

    Changing the faders on the user pages' color for what I use them for would be great too- I don't need to change any other midi data. All stuff I can do on the online editor- it just doesn't stick when you change page or/unplug the device. Livid mentioned that I need to change this in the python scripts. Any thoughts on how to do this would be greatly appreciated! 

  • edited July 2013
    It's really not very easy to tell you how to do this stuff in a "general" way, sorry.  It's very specific.  I'm happy to help you out, though, as I mentioned in the reply to your help ticket.

    One thing:  changing pad lighting on user modes can be done, but it's pretty useless if you're using the buttons in conjunction with MIDI Learn in Ableton.  The problem is that as soon as you press the button, Ableton will override the value you set in the script since it only sends 0 or 127 as feedback for the control.

    Changing the color of the faders to custom settings is pretty trivial, I just need to know what colors you'd like to change them to.
  • thanks amounra on both the forum reply and help ticket and please forgive me for posting this is both places. I have a show in a week and want to lock this in as soon as possible- i appreciate the help! 

    i agree that colors on the faders are trivial as are the colors on the pads too but I like the idea of visual cues - knowing that the left four faders are purple and are different filter parameters, right are red and control volume can help to distinguish the different user modes from the control surface defaults etc.- basically the same way mode 1 has different color filters as mode 2 etc. I guess I view the pad colors in a similar way... bottom four being red for looper controls etc... those won't stick after Ableton receives midi info from them? It is fine if this is the case- just a bit of a cosmetic bummer in terms of customization. 

    thanks again! 

  • i agree that colors on the faders are trivial 

    I didn't mean to imply that your needs were trivial, just that it would be "easy to do".  I merely need the specifics of which colors you want for each layer.  You'll need a separate line of code for each user layer to send the sysex command to the Base, which would be:

    self._send_midi(tuple([240, 0, 1, 97, 12, 61, 7, 7, 7, 7, 7, 7, 7, 7, 2, 247]))

    if you wanted to turn all the fader leds white, as on layer one.  Each one of the sevens in that string represents one fader's color.  

    those won't stick after Ableton receives midi info from them?

    No, afraid not.  However, if you're not worried about button state reflecting on/off state of whatever you have it mapped to, you can always prevent Live from updating their values by turning off MIDI Output Remote for the Base....then Live can't update it's values.
  • no worries on the trivial comment and thank you for responding again. where do i find or insert the code to send the sysex info to the BASE? 

    can i also change the pad sensitivity on the user pages that way as well? 

    My apologies for all the questions, I had thought the user pages were a bit easier customized. 

    Don't get me wrong- I'm very impressed with the Control surface pages and love that user pages work so fluidly with midi learn but I also would love to change parameters on those pages. I thought that was what the online editor allowed you to do that. is this more detailed somewhere in the Wiki? Thanks again! 
  • There are lots of ways to do it. You can add this to the end of the _set_layer3 function:

    if self._user_layer is 0:
    self._send_midi(tuple([240, 0, 1, 97, 12, 61,  ......, 247]))  #this changes the fader need to replace the "....." with a list of 9 numbers, each representing the color for one of the faders.
    self._send_midi(tuple([240, 0, 1, 97, 12, 41, ......., 247]))  #this changes the pad need to replace the "...." with a list of 32 numbers, each representing the sensitivity for one of the pads.
    for pad in self._pad:
    pad.send_value(..., True)  #this will change the color of each pad for the layer...replace "...." with a single integer representing the color you want for this layer.
    elif self._user_layer is 1:
    some code you want.....
    elif self._user_layer is 2:
    some code you want.....
    elif self._user_layer is 3:
    some code you want.....

    I thought that was what the online editor allowed you to do that. 

    No, the online editor is useful for some things (e.g. making global changes to the controller's settings, or customizing settings for using without a script or other applications).  The script accesses the same functions of the controller that the editor does, but does so dynamically so that controller can accommodate the different settings needed by the script/Live.

    Hope this helps!
  • thanks so much that code makes sense but at risk of sounding like a n00b- where do i find these scripts/edit them for the device?! 

  • Eisnen, I think you can download the remote script for Live 9 (if that's what you're using) here:

  • Wait....I thought you were already using the Base script for Ableton.  Is that not the case?

  • i had installed them but was unsure of the process of changing that and couldn't find any documentation either. sorry. 

    i opened up the contents of Ableton/Contents/App-Resources/MIDI Remote Scripts/Livid Base- am I getting closer to the right place? looks like you are the author of that script too! 
  • Yes, that's where you want to be.  You can make changes to the script with any text editor....make sure to the back up the files to your desktop or something first.

    You'll need to restart Live every time you make a change to the Python files in order to see the effect.  It's also a good idea to keep an eye on your log.txt, as Python will report errors there.  You can find it here:

  • awesome thank you! 

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