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Controlling Macro parameters for selected tracks in Ableton Live 8 Ohmrgb

edited July 2013 in Software Discussion

Hello everyone,

I don't know if this issue has been discussed before, I couldn't find it in the forum. I've been producing for quite a while but now i want to create a live set of my music. I know the basics for midi mapping but have no Python programming experience whatsoever. 
I want to achieve something quite simple. 
I have an Ohmrgb and I want to map my controller so that I can control the macro knobs of an Audio Effects rack of the selected track with the top 8 knobs of my controller. So that every time I select a different track I can control the specific effects of each track with the same 8 knobs.
How can I achieve this?

Thank you in advance

Im running Ableton Live 8.2.2 in a Macbook Pro (10.7.5).


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