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Alias8 with Reason

edited July 2013 in Software Discussion

Hello everyone,

I just received my Alias8 after waiting a while for it to reach me in palestine, and I use Reason 7. Everything works fine except.. I can not get the buttons to play like a normal midi keyboard would or midi drum pads. Any ideas? templates? patches?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.


  • How are they acting differently than you expect?

  • Well, since there is no Remote Script for the Alias 8 on Reason, I am using the ohm64 script, which just doesnt work right. I would like to use the buttons as the Master Keyboard, where I can play a synth or a drum kit.

    At this point, since I am using the OHM64 script, only 6 of the buttons are working as "Keyboard notes", the rest are assigned to "Play, Stop, Record" which I do not need. I am guessing that is something that should be assignable, and everything on the Alias 8 is assignable but I just can't get them to trigger keyboard values like C3, D3, C2, C#2... etc..

     any ideas? 

    Thanks :)
  • You can't just swap one script for another like that and expect it to work normally. You may be able to work around by changing the button assignments. If you go to the midi monitor in the online editor, you can see what midi note a certain button is outputting. Play around in the editor and see what you can get to happen.

  • Yes, I didn't expect it to work properly, but it was the only script that would give any response in Reason.. unfortunately..

    I tried to work with the online editor, but with no avail. I will try again now.
  • on the online editor they are all the same.. so the problem is with the script. I need the right script or I have to create my own script. It would be great if I can find the correct names of the physical controls on the alias 8, so I can work from there and assign them. i.e. Knob1, Fader1, Button1 ... a midi codec would be perfect.

    I hope i'm making sense.. :)
  • anyone? I just want the buttons to play notes.

  • You can use the online editor to change which note a button is playing. There is also a midi monitor in the online editor when you can look to see which notes are being played when you press a certain button. I think once you know which button plays which note, you will be able to make your custom mapping in reason.

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